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Freelance Clowns

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Our freelance clowns are drawn from the ranks of the, “World Peace Clowns”, who have gained their experience through clowning in in many environments bringing love, peace, and joy to those they perform for.

World Peace Clowns is an initiative inspired by my desire to give joy to people in hospital. I would like to thank Patricia Cameron-Hill, Dr. Shayne Yates and Dr. Patch Adams for encouraging me to heal others through humour. World Peace Clowns visit workplaces, hospitals and perform spontaneously on the streets to create a positive atmosphere for people to feel connected with others. Currently have been clowning at the Austin and Royal Talbot Hospitals and also on the streets and maybe at a workplace near you.

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“Peace clowns are the symbol of unconditional love, having fun and seeing all as one family”

“Peacefull – the clown”

Our freelance clowns are great for:

  • Creating positive working environments;
  • Encouraging humour, playfulness and creativity;
  • Lifting the energy and motivation in a space;
  • Enable people to reconnect with feelings of joy;
  • Feelings of happiness for yourself and all people;
  • Networking Functions;
  • Giving service to the community.

Clowning is spontaneous and non-judgemental and enables the clowns and their audience to experience ‘peace’ in action.

If you would like World Peace Clowns to come to you or perhaps dare I say it, you want to have a go, then contact Susan Carew

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