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Conflict Transformation

 “What you resist persists what you look at disappears”

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Workshop Session Plan
Key Learning Outcomes

Workshop Focus:
The workshop introduces effective theoretical and practical techniques to transform conflict.
Full day workshop
Target Audience:
Staff and management
Expected Outcomes:
Participants will learn methods on how to perceive conflict as a teacher and how to utilise conflict in order to gain insights, see conflict differently and explore ways of moving forward that are proactive.  It provides scientific evidence about how thoughts and emotions affect conflict outcomes. The workshop will provide confidence to participants combined with effective tools to turn conflict around and create harmony at work.


This workshop is innovative and leading edge in exploring the science and laws of conflict and how to transform conflict effectively.  Many people have learned styles of conflict where they oppose or resist others and find themselves getting locked into positions unable to know how to unlock the conflict.  Many believe that conflict should be avoided yet in reality it is a sign of contrast and an opportunity for learning and working out how to work effectively with others who think differently or may be difficult.  Conflict transformation trains staff in understanding that the underlying nature of conflict is resistance and that conflict can be transformed by emotional intelligence, positivity and learning to flow with situations.

This workshop introduces psychology, science, techniques and experiential exercises to demonstrate how conflict can be transformed effectively.  Participants will be shown videos demonstrating how to learn to flow with conflict and how conflict is actually a teacher if people are open.

The ability to transform conflict enables staff and management to feel confident when conflict arises and not seek to suppress differences or diversity. They are more likely to embrace conflict and utilise it as a means of learning to work with diverse personalities and as a means of growth.


Workshop Session Plan

The workshop session plan is as follows:

  • Energy: humans and the planet
  • The science of energy – vibrational
  • The Law of Attraction – intentions, thoughts and emotions
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Conflict: fight or flight
  • Allowance or resistance
  • The flow of aikido
  • Resistors
  • Mirror, mask and projection
  • Personality
  • Reaction to creation
  • Conflict as a teacher
  • Personal Inquiry
  • Nonviolence


Key Learning Outcomes

  • To learn that emotions and thoughts are energy in motion
  • To learn about the power of positive and negative vibration and how this affects outcomes
  • To learn about the law of attraction and how that works in human interactions
  • To learn about emotional intelligence and how to use feelings and emotions as navigators
  • To learn about how resistance impedes movement and allowance enables moving forward
  • To learn about the martial art of Aikido and how energy is used to work for people rather than against
  • To learn about the three types of resistors – ego, projection and resistance
  • To learn how to see differently in order to create pathways forward
  • To learn the power of personal inquiry into negative thoughts over trying to change others
  • To learn about nonviolence and the importance of values