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The testimonials highlight appraisals of conflict resolution, market research and wellbeing projects.


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Conflict Resolution Testimonial:  International Conflict Resolution Centre, University of Melbourne

I write in support of Susan Carew, Susan is a passionate, dedicated believer in peace and conflict resolution who should receive your most serious consideration.  It is a pleasure to commend her to you.

Susan Carew has been an intern at the International Conflict Resolution Centre at the University of Melbourne.  The International Conflict Resolution Centre (ICRC) is a inter-disciplinary centre comprising psychologists, lawyers, educators and others with a focus on the non-violent resolution of conflict. 

In the last three years the ICRC has completed major international projects such as:

  • creating a national peace education curriculum for Sierra Leone for the World Bank
  • designing a five-year peace education curriculum for UNESCO Vietnam
  • implementing the global Cultures of Peace News Network in partnership with UNESCO headquarters as part of the International Year for a Culture of Peace
  • convening the Third Annual Forum on Online Dispute Resolution for the United Nations Economic and Social commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP)
  • convening a AusAID-funded Forum as part of the University of Melbourne’s 150th Anniversary International Perspectives on Peace and Reconciliation Conference
  • a major project for the Department of Justice assessing the feasibility of introducing Online Alternative Dispute Resolution into Victoria.

Susan has been an energetic and committed part of the ICRC team. She has predominantly been involved in the ICRC’s Peace Education Program.

Prior to coming to the ICRC Susan has independently developed the REAL HOPE program, an innovative peace education curriculum that she has been using to teach values, anti-bullying, peace and nonviolence to children in a number of Victorian schools.  She is also an experienced media presenter through her Bridges to Peace radio program where she has developed excellent networks among the peace, conflict resolution and education communities.

We were delighted with the skills, knowledge and networks Susan brought to the ICRC.

Susan’s main project was developing a National Audit of Peace Education programs. She used her market research skills to develop a project proposal to the stage where it is ready to seek funding for implementation.  This involved developing her ideas, conducting internal research among the Centre’s staff and associates and drafting a detailed proposal including logistics, budget and funding sources. I have greatly been impressed by her initiative and by her willingness to follow through on her ideas.

Susan has taken on significant responsibility in working with the younger interns, working well with team members drawn from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds.  She puts her dedication to creating a better world into practice through the relationships she creates around her.

Susan is a shining example of the power of vision to motivate and sustain.  She is committed to social empowerment and the betterment of humankind.  I have no doubt that she will use her potential to benefit the global community.

Her reliability, enthusiasm and dedication have been exemplary – particularly in the context of an internship – and a signal of real commitment to promoting peace and conflict resolution through education and the media.

Melissa Conley Tyler, Program Manager, International Conflict Resolution Centre, University of Melbourne

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Public Speaker Testimonial:  Rotary International

Thank you for your presentation at our Conference in Launceston on the Rotary Peace and Conflict Studies Program in Bangkok.  This is a significant Rotary initiative and it was interesting to hear of its impacts on you and its influence on your approach to bridging conflict with humour and education.  The Peace and Conflict Studies Program is a good example of Rotary at work.

I was very pleased that you were able to be with us in Launceston and to share you experience with us as part of the package put together by Bob Fels.

On reflection we are very pleased with the results of our conference and your presentation was a significant element in what we believe was a very successful program.

Thank you for being part of the Rotary district 9800 conference for 2009.

Jim Studebaker, District Governor

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University Testimonial:  La Trobe University

I have known Ms Susan Carew since she enrolled in a Graduate Diploma of Humanities (Peace Studies) here at La Trobe University at the start of 2002. As the coordinator of Peace Studies and the teacher of the core Peace Studies subject (2/3 Peace and Change), one of the International Relations units and the honours -level unit (The Politics of Nonviolent Activism) that she took, I got to know her well and have maintained contact with her since…I must add from my knowledge of her, her commitment to peace and conflict resolution is near total.  In the years that I have known her, she has been running peace programs in primary schools, clowning for peace in many varied venues (including clowning with Dr Patch Adams in Moscow) and hosting a weekly peace program, ‘Bridges to Peace’, on a local radio station,she is something of a human dynamo, with the bulk of her energy going into the promotion of peace, values and conflict resolution in a very “proactive and effective” way…

In summary, Ms Carew has reasonably good academic aptitude. She has a remarkable commitment to tasks, flexibility and initiative as to ways of achieving them, and very good leadership and public speaking skills.  I believe that the course (Rotary scholarship) is certainly not beyond her capacity, and while she has much to gain, she also has much to give.

Dr. Tom Weber, Head of Peace Studies, La Trobe University

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United Nations Testimonial:  United Nations Association of Australia

On behalf of the United Nations Association of Australia, Victorian Division I am writing to inform you that the 2004 Media Peace Awards Preliminary Judges were highly impressed by the selected works of ‘Bridges to Peace’ by Susan Carew, Plenty Valley 88.6FM.

A special mention of the program was made by the Awards Presentation Dinner host, Kerry O’Brien (ABC Television, 7.30 Report) at the 26th annual national Media Peace Awards Presentation Dinner held at the Victorian Arts Centre, Melbourne on Friday 22 October.

“…special mention for tireless commitment to peace building.  ‘Bridges to Peace’, produced and presented by Susan Carew on Plenty Valley FM is entirely dedicated to peace and nonviolence…”

…Keep up the good work.

Patricia Collett, Executive Director

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United Nations Testimonial:  UNESCO

I have known Susan Carew both as a participant in a seminar/workshop on ‘Values in Education for Sustainability’ and as a co-presenter in a similar workshop in 2007. As a person she is strongly committed to making a positive difference in people’s lives through her demonstration of universal values for a sustainable lifestyle. She has a vision of peace, hope and love that she enthusiastically embraces and portrays as ‘Peacefull’ the clown. Her gentle, positive and sensitive approach engages all ages and people that she contacts. She is extremely competent in adapting her program and message to a particularly group so that the group’s collective energy is raised with a lasting feeling of optimism. She leaves each individual with a belief that they are empowered to make a positive difference in their own lives and the lives of others.

I recommend Susan as a person who lives what she believes and is a powerful positive influence on those people who are fortunate to meet her.

Owen Secombe for UNESCO-APNIEVE, Asia Pacific Network for International Education and Values Education

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Local Government Testimonial:  Queanbeyan City Council

This is to certify that I have known Susan Carew for the past 5 years.  Ms. Carew has undertaken a number of consultancies with the Queanbeyan City Council. These include focus groups, questionnaire design and evaluation, satisfaction surveys of citizens and workshop reviews of industrial issues with all senior managers of the Council.

All of the work undertaken by Ms. Carew has been of the highest standard.  Likewise her written reports and verbal presentation results.

Survey analysis is critical to the Queanbeyan City Council.  Ms. Carew has displayed an impressive understanding and knowledge of the techniques required to undertake successful surveys and analysis of findings. The work of Ms. Carew is an extension of her calm, methodical, diligent and accurate approach.  Reporting the findings of her work is a particularly strong element of Ms. Carew’s ability to provide outcomes that comply with the client’s brief.

On all occasions that Ms. Carew has undertaken consultancies with the Queanbeyan City Council both Councillors and senior staff have been very impressed with the results and presentations.

Ms. Carew is an extremely competent professional in her field of expertise. Anyone providing Ms. Carew with a brief will be extremely pleased with the end result.

Hugh Percy, General Manager

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Business Mentor Testimonial: Enterprise Development Institute of Australia

It has been my privilege and pleasure to be professionally associated with Ms Susan Carew over the past 7 years.  During this time Susan has presented marketing and market research sessions to the participants in the Enterprise Development Institute of Australia ACT (EDIA ACT).  The EDIA ACT program concerns the development of entrepreneurial/business skills and acumen among middle level managers and small business operators.  Additional to giving presentations, Susan has also been involved in the evaluation and critique of strategic and business plans developed by the participants and acted as a mentor to numerous teams.

Susan demonstrates a sound understanding and appreciation of both theoretical and real world marketing with a particular flair for market research.  Her presentations and the advice she gives are both practical and insightful. She demonstrates a strong analytical ability coupled with a good capacity for lateral thinking. Her views and comments are well respected by participants in our programs and her abilities well respected by her peers in the ACT marketing industry.

I have always found Susan to be honest reliable and very hard working, with a bright and enthusiastic personality.  She possesses a great sense of humour.

Graeme, Burgess, Executive Director, EDIA

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Educational Testimonial: Canberra Institute of Technology

Susan Carew was invited to teach Marketing and Market Research at Canberra Institute of Technology.

Susan has considerable experience in the market research area and was invited to teach mature age students the fundamentals of marketing and market research. 

Primary tasks involved: preparing course material to meet key learning outcomes, selecting audio-visual materials, handouts, sourcing expert guest speakers, utilising case studies based on her project experience and assessing strategies and projects.

Susan is very confident in teaching and displayed high competency in meeting the learning outcomes.  Susan has a friendly rapport with colleagues and received very positive feedback from students.

I can highly recommend Susan for any teaching position within her field of expertise. 

John Parke, Course Co-ordinator, Canberra Institute of Technology

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Human Resource Industry Testimonial: Market Search Executive Recruitment

Ms. Susan Carew has been known to me for about eight years.  I first met Susan as a candidate for an advertised Market Research role. Her maturity, innovative style, creativeness and sincerity immediately impressed me and I have since followed her career with great interest.

Susan joined Marketshare Consultants for a short period before spending a year with Reark Research in Brisbane.  These positions provided her with valuable experience in both qualitative and quantitative ad-hoc areas and she was later able to utilise this when travelling overseas.

Upon arriving in London, Susan obtained a position in business to business research with the Business Research Unit.  She then moved into conferencing with the British Film Institute.  Later she joined ID Magasin and the position brought a new perspective to her skills in observational research.

Susan’s experience in quantitative research has been extensive, covering data analysis, deriving statistical charts, chi square tables and reporting using SPSS.  She is also extremely interested in qualitative work and indicates a preference in this area as she loves the investigative side of research. In my opinion, a employer would have the opportunity to hire “a gem”.

Over the many years I have witnessed the extraordinary development of this woman both as a professional and as a caring, empathetic and concerned member of society. Her deep intellectual approach to research projects, articulate manner and informed judgement would certainly be of benefit in achieving effective research results.

Lyn Tanner, Director, Market Search Recruitment

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Health Workshop Testimonial:  Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre

I have known Susan for the last 10 months.  During this time she has lead a troupe of clowns who visited our patients on a monthly basis.  I asked Susan to present a workshop on “Presenting with Humour”. This workshop was conducted for a group of people who were training to facilitate a health and lifestyle enhancement course.

In the time I have known Susan I found her to be a reliable and caring person.  She is energetic, creative and committed to spreading joy. Her manner with patients is respectful and she is skilful in quickly understanding the best way to approach people.  Susan Adapts her style to suit each patient she meets, from offering quiet words of comfort to playing boisterously when needed.

As a workshop presenter she had an excellent approach.  She was well prepared and able to tailor the session to the needs of the participants. All that participated were impressed and inspired by her presentation which provided a mix of discussion and practical exercises.  She engaged all participants through her outstanding presentation skills and appropriate use of humour.

I highly recommend Susan to anyone looking to use her skills as a clown and/or workshop presenter. 

Salvatore Dema, Manager, Community Integration and Leisure Service, Royal Talbot Hospital

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