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Values Based Management

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Values Based Management
Workshop Values Based Sessions
Key Learning Outcomes

Workshop Focus:
Focus on values in life and work. It is designed around the REAL HOPES values framework. To develop an awareness of the importance of values in promoting efficiency, organisational harmony and retention of staff.
1 hour sessions over 9 weeks
Target Audience:
Management, Executives, Supervisors
Expected Outcomes:
Enhance ethical behaviour and awareness of values in decision making


Workplaces mirror society and we are experiencing a society that is losing its sense of values, this has implications for team working and trust. The Values Based Management workshop is based on the REAL HOPES model. REAL HOPES integrates universal or intrinsic values. REAL HOPES is an acronym for: responsibility, empathy, awareness, love (nonviolence), honesty, oneness, peace, enjoyment and service. These values are critical for ensuring that management works with integrity, can be trusted and is fair in decision making. Values are not well understood in business or society. Values determine behaviour and if workplaces are values-free then there will be real problems for generating trust, ethical business dealings and cooperation. It is in critical moments of ethical decisions that a person decides do I just do it? or no-one will notice? or no I am a person of integrity I can’t do that?. In those moments of internal dialogue, inner values become visible. It is not difficult to cast values to the side and decide everyone does it as a justification to engage in unethical behaviours. If a manager is not responsible, then there is no follow-up or delegation, at the same time, staff are watching and quickly determine that the manager doesn’t care, they may ask – why should they? Management are the role models for staff. If staff determine that a manager is unethical, favours some over others, is corrupt, they will quickly lose interest in working for the company or they will simply mirror the behaviour with the same contempt. This can be very costly to the organisation in terms of legal action, publicity and reputation.

It is very important that management is provided with training that provides a thorough examination of values. Many decisions will be within the context of ethical considerations. The outcomes of decisions have impacts on customer/organisation relationships and management/employee relationships. If trust is lost then goodwill diminishes and it is unlikely a business will survive in a competitive market structure.

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Values Based Management

Values Based Management is a 9 week program (1 hour per week) or alternatively it can be offered as a 2 day workshop during the week or over a weekend.

The program is designed for business needs and focuses on raising awareness of values and bullying strategies. The course is also interactive.

Participants will learn skills of: self esteem, empowerment, an understanding of bullying, creative thinking skills, de-masking (roles), serving others, reconnection with positive humour and fun.

Managers and employees will explore and experience other facets of themselves – their inner values and relationships with colleagues. In addition, the programs enhances awareness of potential, talents and the power of positivity in fostering new visions, productivity and self awareness through values.

Participants learn the values tools to resolve conflict or pre-empt conflict in the workplace. Participants learn to actively create a positive working environment and to become aware of the power of positivity.

The program will conclude with participants clowning around, not too hard for some hey. Now when you call someone a clown you will mean it. Clowning has a powerful effect on facing fears, developing esteem and confidence, team building and stretching past psychological boundaries. And yes – they will have the best fun too. You don’t need to drink alcohol for Dutch courage to feel happiness and joy. It can be innocent fun and enabling of self confidence.

When participants learn to lighten up and feel positive this catalyses confidence, esteem and creativity. The sessions are all highly interactive and designed to be fun.

So what are you waiting for… let’s have some fun…

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Workshop Values Based Sessions

The sessions utilise training methods that stimulate learning, such as: Symbols, jokes, critical thinking (brainstorming) and questioning, positive thinking, team working, philosophy, facts, mediation, role play, activities, masks, juggling, service and visualisation around core values. Values are as follows:

Session 1: Responsibility (ability to respond)
Session 2: Empathy (standing in another’s shoes)
Session 3: Awareness (noticing, being aware)
Session 4: Love (nonviolence)
Session 5: Honesty (truth telling)
Session 6: Oneness (working in shared community)
Session 7: Peace (finding balance)
Session 8: Enjoyment (happiness, stress release)
Session 9: Service (naturally serving others)


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Key Learning Outcomes

Key learning outcomes are as follows:

  • To develop personal and workplace values
  • To practice using and identifying values in the workplace
  • To understand the importance of integrating universal values
  • To enhance positive team building
  • To develop a broader awareness of self and others
  • To develop respect and equality – all participants equally valued
  • To enhance personal empowerment
  • To develop communication skills
  • To develop empathetic skills
  • To develop values tools to deal with bullying and assertiveness
  • To understand the importance of happiness at work that is productive
  • To understand the benefits of positive thinking
  • To gain greater confidence and risk taking
  • To visualise and envisage positive outcomes with confidence
  • To improved and commit to a greater sense of community service