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Authentic Communication

 “To thine own self be true,
And it must follow, as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man…”

William Shakespeare

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Workshop Session Plan
Key Learning Outcomes

Workshop Focus:
Stress release, developing empathy and understanding of workplace bullying and strategies on how to deal with it
Half day workshop
Target Audience:
Staff and management
Expected Outcomes:
Improved team building, enhanced awareness of perceptions and the way employees are interpreting situations, better communication and conflict resolution skills, interacting positively and enhancing a positive workplace


This workshop is designed to assist staff and management to develop effective authentic communication that facilitates clarity of hearing, understanding and authenticity.

From the human resource side of the balance sheet competitive advantage and comparative advantage (strengths) are increasingly garnered through empowered employees who speak up confidently, are balanced emotionally and work as part of a team for the betterment of the organisation.  The value of team work and conflict resolution in these organisations cannot be over-emphasised, as internal dynamics are governed by values and ethical management, employees model the culture and build value in the company. Brand image has often been touted as the real wealth on balance sheets, but in reality it is the people who are driving the process that are the real wealth of every company.  Good employees are the gold that provides the foundation to good management and a stable workforce.

In the future organisational management will become conversant with the leading business thinkers espousing empowerment, principled leadership and emotional intelligence in the workplace and in their external dealings with other stakeholders.  Over the years issues of bullying and unethical practices are increasingly reported and government is taking more seriously the behaviour of executives and staff.  In Victoria bullying has been criminalised.  Therefore, organisations must become clear about what is appropriate and inappropriate communication and the importance of designing into the corporate missions values that are internalised.  Effective communication is a starting point in having conversations and modelling to staff the importance of being genuine to ensure lines of communication are open, honest and respectful.

In relation to staff retention, the companies that are regarded as ethical and socially responsible corporate citizens, will have the edge in the market place.  They will attract the best employees who have built ethical credibility, not only selecting staff on skills and experience in their chosen area. They will be attracted to work in organisations that value ethics, empowered decision making, inclusivity and creativity. These effective and authentic business communities will be places employees enjoy working in and as internal stakeholders, will promote the organisation externally. Employees will market the company’s reputation which will provide greater credibility. They will shift from business entities to business communities building real value and wealth internally and externally.

The Authentic Communication workshop is designed to help start that process in educating for authenticity in business communications and behaviour.


Workshop Session Plan

The workshop session plan is as follows:

  • Authentic cultures
  • Principled cultures – Stephen Covey
  • What is authenticity?
  • Be who you are
  • Are values authentic?
  • What is emotional intelligence?
  • What patterns do we make in the mind?
  • Perceptions
  • Power and authentic power
  • Essentials of authentic communications
  • Authentic conversations
  • Authentic business communities (ABC)


Key Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will learn about authentic cultures and principled cultures
  • Participants will develop a clearer understanding of authenticity
  • Participants will become acquainted with their own values and why this is important
  • Participants will learn about emotional intelligence and how this leads to clearer information and happiness at work
  • Participants will learn how they can choose positive or negative thoughts affecting future outcomes
  • Participants will become aware of how perceptions affect what they see, they can choose to see more in situations by learning how to see differently
  • Participants will learn about power and authentic power
  • Participants will be shown the basics of essential communications
  • Participants will learn to have authentic conversations
  • Participants will learn the ABC of authentic business communities and offer their own suggestions