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Executive Group Coaching Workshop

“Be Proactive”
Seven  Habits of Highly Effective People
Stephen Covey

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Workshop Overview
Personal Benefits
Organisational Benefits

Workshop focus:
This is a group coaching workshop to educate in ‘people’ skills.  It is an overview of key strategies in managing people and knowing oneself.  The best managers are those who have developed empathetic skills and learn how to serve rather than control.  They will be introduced to the notion of authentic power and how this differs from ego or power over styles.  This approach includes focus group style of discussion where it is acknowledged that their is wisdom and experience within each person.  The group will be encouraged to coach each other and become supportive.
Half day workshop
Target Audience:
Management, Executives
Expected Outcomes:
Managers will develop greater awareness of their role as people managers and practice noticing what works and what does not with people.  They will understand authentic power.  They will learn to understand people better and to learn techniques that facilitate clearer communication, empathy, cooperation and managing to empower others.

Workshop Overview

This half day workshop brings executives together to focus group to explore bullying, harassment and occupational violence in the workplace and how executives can handle problems as they arise.  It is designed to assist executives to problem solve together and create a supportive network.  No names will be used in the workshop to protect privacy, however executives will undertake role plays to examine ways to approach conflict, to determine what works and how to exchange ideas between each other to ensure continuous improvement professionally.

The workshop will explore:

  • Occupational Health and Safety Policy – bullying and harassment guidelines
  • Awareness of WorkSafe guidelines
  • Common conflicts in the workplace
  • Basic mediation skills
  • How to de-escalate conflict
  • What works and what does not in conflict management
  • Role playing communication skills on common conflicts in the workplace
  • How to deal with intractable conflicts or psychopaths in the workplace
  • How to mentor, emotionally support and coach each other

The benefits of internal coaching/mentoring:

Personal Benefits

  • Positive psychology;
  • Improved interactions with others;
  • Higher levels of self awareness;
  • Personal growth;
  • Stress management;
  • Increased self confidence;
  • Reflective listening;
  • Balanced Self efficacy;
  • Balanced work/life balance;
  • Personal empowerment.

Organisational Benefits

  • Goal setting (institutional/personal);
  • Efficient productivity;
  • Increased management skills and techniques;
  • Improved conflict resolution techniques;
  • Effective communication approaches;
  • Clearer thinking e.g. perceptions and unquestioned beliefs;
  • Alternative problem solving techniques;
  • Enhanced job satisfaction.

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