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Values Based Cultures

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Workshop Session Plan
Key Learning Outcomes

Workshop Focus:
The workshop is an excellent workshop for develop an awareness of values as intrinsic to the culture.  The workshop covers what values are, how they operate in organisations, the difference with compliance based cultures, the importance of integration of values, values dilemmas for organisations and the general benefits of values.  Moreover, participants will be given the opportunity to explore values experientially.
Half day workshop
Target Audience:
Staff and management
Expected Outcomes:
Participants will have a better understanding of values and why they are important.  It will cause participants to reflect on their own values and to support values based cultures as part of preventative strategies in respect of workplace bullying and how values generate real wealth in organisations.
Here is a video of what not to do with an adversarial corporate culture starring Woody Allen.



Values are central to harmony in workplaces.  Many organisations have values statements about what they value as an organisation.  It is important to internalise values so that they are lived and applied in all aspects of work.  Often in organisations personal values and organisational values do not coincide. There are issues of organisations not living up to the values they purport and employees feeling it is not serious.  There are also cultural norms indicating ‘this is the way we do things around here’ these can be unspoken, they can be the way things have been done, they can reflect management values and approaches.  Nonetheless in order to ensure that conflict and workplace bullying does not occur values that are integrated are essential for developing values based cultures. In this type of environment corruption, conflict and unethical practices are minimised or not present at all.  Values based cultures must be adhered to by management in order for this type of culture to be legitimised.  Therefore, training in this area is essential as values are typically not well understood across-the-board.

In the experience of WE it was discovered that values were often confused with outcomes.   So this type of workshop is essential to build a culture of values/nonviolence as an excellent preventative strategy for workplace bullying and generating efficiencies far beyond what would be expected.  A values based culture is supportive, ethical and inclusive.  Therefore, people collaborate better, assist others as they need help, work together to get the job done, stay with the organisation and communicate to external parties the benefits of working for the organisation.  This generates reputation and a desire of high performers to join the organisation.  It has a wide range of benefits in terms of innovation, commitment, exploration, cooperation and effective leadership for other organisations to aspire to.


Workshop Session Plan

  • Exploring your values
  • Definition of values
  • Types of values
  • Are values right or wrong?
  • What are universal values?
  • REAL HOPES prism
  • Organisational values
  • Core values of a famous leader
  • Organisational example: Rotary values
  • Organisational values and bullying
  • Values based culture of compliance based culture?
  • Values dilemma
  • Challenges and blocks to values
  • Experiencing values

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Key Learning Outcomes

  • Participants learn about values, the diversity of values and contexts.
  • Participants learn about intrinsic values that are inherent in all people.
  • Participants will explore organisational values and personal values and how they integrate or not.
  • Participants will be exposed to world leaders values and how they internalise them.
  • Participants will explore values in respect of workplace bullying.
  • participants will look at the differences between values based cultures and compliance based cultures.
  • Participants will view a video on the values dilemmas faced at work and exploring their own values.
  • Participants will learn how values can be blocked given ‘this is the way we do things around here’.
  • Participants will experience activities to explore and apply values.