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Clowning 4 Networking and Fun

Networking is critical for business. Yet many managers and employees feel uncomfortable approaching people and selling their business. People seek to be personable to connect with others but not everyone is a natural salesperson.

Clowning for networking is a wonderful way to break the ice. To invite a few clowns to the meeting can be funny and entertaining.

So what do clowns do? As clowns we come up to people shake hands to warmly welcome everyone. Clowns have little massagers and can give shoulders a bit of light relief, people instantly relax and have a laugh. Clowns joke with people, juggle and can introduce people to each other. The clown reminds us that we can be too serious.

Networking should be fun and relaxing. That is the best way to share your enthusiasm about what you do and invite potential customers to sample what you offer and learn more.

At the end of the day it is not about selling, it is about relating personally and sharing your service and products with people so that they know your business is around when they need you. The hard sell is a put off and under selling down plays what you can do. So why not have a laugh and enjoy business. It should be a fun experience and why not make new friends in the process.