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PAYff Prices

WorldPeacefull Empowerment believes in transforming the current payment paradigm from one where costs are calculated and valued added to determine a price.  In this philosophy, Pay As You Feel is Fair places the onus on the recipient of the service to decide the price that they feel is fair.  In economics demand and supply were determined by where these curves intersect at the optimum price or collective agreement (based on sales).

Inclusive to this philosophy is the person in demand of the service is the feeling and values of the person determining the price, they decide the value of the service, they have a sense of control and decide what they feel to give.  The service provider is offering a service based on what they desire to give.  Their fixed and variable costs are covered.  The perceived value in inherent in the service.

The focus of the recipient is on what is required rather than how much it costs as a barrier or distortions of quality generated by marketing.  Genuine quality is experienced in service satisfaction and workable outcomes.  This means that resources are allocated on the basis of the real need rather than barriers/limits around affordability or perceived value inherent in expensive prices (quality).  The quality of this service is based on merit and service outcomes.  The recipient of the service takes no risk in it failing they can only gain from the service.  Therefore a win/win philosophy.  As we all win the next person wins then the next.  No-one can lose.  This means the pie gets bigger rather than smaller as the underlying belief is growth (gain) through giving.

In reality nature works this way as all the sum of the sum of the parts gives to the whole. Each facet of nature plays and interconnected part and it becomes sustainable when serving the whole. If it doesn’t adapt or fulfil its function then natural selection, selects again. This system is similar, as we move closer to what is natural in human behaviour we will experience ourselves in truth service to the whole.  This is called wholistic economics.

Similarly WorldPeacefull Empowerment seeks to work for the whole, humanity.  Therefore every giving is true service (and abundance) to the other as a part of the whole.  Service becomes its own reward and nature is always abundant.  We tend to see monetary exchange as abundance or wealth but the real wealth is inherent in the sum of the parts being relevant to the whole, in this case, community harmony. This is not an ideal notion it has been experienced through travelling the World and Australia, giving to live. The happiest times have come through spontaneity and catalysing the happiness of others, I saw the generosity of others giving as I gave.  As a clown this philosophy was lived by going on the streets and giving naturally, valuing all equally, to experience many gave back.

So the true vision of mutual exchange is in the mutual benefit that occurs naturally by giving to live. Taking sets up a focus of manipulating through marketing and facades to encourage the other to see value in what is offered and pay a premium price for it.  Of course all are welcome to choose what feels right for them, but in terms of this work harmony is the purpose.  Typically, when we become accustomed to taking it creates the sense of lack and so unwittingly a sense of not-enough is the emptiness most feel.  The planetary systems within which we live in is straining beyond tipping points.  The natural earth systems are designed for homeostasis (natural equilibrium and selection).  The natural world instantly responds to change in all its forms.  Similarly the economic system is designed for equilibrium of supply and demand, the original idea was fair resource allocation, affordability and balance.  However, the early economists didn’t plan on economic concentration, buyer power, technology and sophisticated marketing to influence demand away from what is natural to false needs to generate more income. We are moving beyond tipping points and it is the next generation that pays the real price of greed as need.  When we take we set up a poverty mentality of limits.  WorldPeacefull wishes to explore unlimitedness.

So this is how it works:


  • WorldPeacefull comes to your organisation or place and discusses your needs and what is offered. A consultation will take place to determine gaps in respect of bullying policy, procedures and practice.  The recipient will select their choice.  Any questions are answered.
  • Once the recipient decides on what is wanted then they can choose PAYff or PAYIF option.
  • PAYff means Pay What You Feel is Fair.  If chosen is to indicate what is wanted for how many then to decide what ‘feels fair’.  You decide the price you wish to pay and feels good for you and aligns to what you feel is fair (values).  If you are happy we all win.  This is the true abundance of giving and receiving.
  • PAYIF means Pay It Forward.  If chosen the recipient has to organise this before the work is commenced and provide proof.  The reason for this is to ensure an energy exchange. This helps the recipient experience their own value through giving so that they do not just take.  If they seek to take or get something for free then this doesn’t expand the philosophy of giving, which is the true abundance or currency in this wholistic economy.
  • If there are additional costs such as printing, whiteboard, projection etc. This can be negotiated that the recipient allows their equipment to be used (sharing) or agrees to pay for costs on the invoice.  They will be provided with receipts.  So honesty in pricing occurs.  Organisations only pay what is spent rather than inflated figures.
  • If travel, accommodation and food is required then this is agreed and the recipient organises and pays basic costs.  This can be a business expense they can claim.
  • The invoice will be issued with PAYff or PAYIF and additional costs itemised as needed and agreed.  It will be a Tax Invoice as per normal business transaction but the emphasis will be on giving and serving.

Does that sound like fun.  I hope so.  My purpose is to play with giving as it is my joy to be of service.  As I serve you I serve myself as I gain the gift of giving my talents and experience and seeing joy not only in the recipient but the staff and participants in the many programs designed for the highest good.

Enjoy.  Our purpose is happiness.  This is the gift I will give to your organisation.