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Principle Centred Leadership

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Workshop Session Plan
Key Learning Outcomes


Effective Principled leadership what is it?  Are we born leaders or must it be developed?  Is the focus leadership or mastery?  Is it principled or pragmatic?  Is leadership managing the day to day operations?  Is true leadership inspired?  What is the real profile of a leader? Is there such a profile?  This workshop will answer these questions and generate more.  The workshop will enable envisaging future possibilities. Leadership is expansive.

Insights into leadership to expand your perception

Workshop Focus:

The workshop is a 2.5 hour workshop taking leaders on an adventure to explore genuine leadership. The first hour of the workshop will overview key leadership models and ideas to brief leaders on the information that is available, particularly what works and what doesn’t.  The workshop design is mindful that leaders must be able to step outside the box of conventional thinking given the dynamic changes occurring in the world. The second 1.5 hours will be in a focus group format and explores the personal experience of participants drawing upon values, decision making and standing alone.  The workshop will look at issues of power within and power over, how to develop a vision, learning how to lead without control, thus inspiring others by example.  To lead oneself is a key to learning how to inspire others.  The workshop will have a creative element in order to tap into visioning and focusing not on outcomes but possibilities.

Note the workshop can be extended to a full day workshop on request. It is designed to meet the needs of busy leaders, thus the 2.5 hours time allocation.

2.5 hour workshop (brief overview ) or by request a full day workshop
Target Audience:
Management and staff
Expected Outcomes:
Leaders will come out with a clear idea on what leadership really is.  They will understand the difference between management and leadership. They will learn about leading by example and self mastery.  They will rediscover their own power and reconnect to creativity in order to envisage possibilities. They will learn about the true empowerment of leadership and the responsibility of leadership.

It is recommended that the workshop is repeated in 12 months.

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Workshop Session Plan

Key Learning Outcomes

1. Participants will learn principled leadership best practice
2. Participants will understand a range of perspectives in respect of leadership
3. The focus group will enable people to open a discussion into the issues of leadership